To refresh and elevate the brand identity for an already successful high-end construction company. The new look and feel was to be incorporated into a myriad of sales pieces more closely matched in design to the level of quality in the builder's end product.
We began SBC's identity refresh by tweaking the existing logo and color palette to be more consistent with the rest of its brand experience—high end, high touch, and craftsman quality end product. This new look and feel was carried through an extensive identity system including business cards, a set of business papers, billing portfolios, several envelopes and a holiday card. Next we tackled SBC's sales process and designed a set of emotion-evoking booklets to be either placed in a high-end sales piece for highly qualified clients or sent out individually. A set of functional pieces was folded into the puzzle as we produced a nice box to house the myriad of samples, quotes and bills, easing the client?s building process organization. A high-end Home Owner?s Manual followed. Finally, a website incorporating everything from an interactive portfolio to publications to a client login is scheduled to launch late February 2007.
SBC's brand perception was elevated through the introduction of a new look and feel—to a level more consistent with its product. The initial launch of the new identity system, logo tweak and billing portfolio system set the stage for what?s to come. SBC will continue to roll out additional pieces over the next year.
Mahar Homes
To update the look-and-feel of an outdated brand and create collateral materials for Mahar Homes, an established builder in Bozeman, Montana. Prior to hiring WD, the builder marketed using only an outdated logo design and business cards. The company needed to communicate to potential buyers the wide range of services and extent of variations it accommodated.
We started by tackling the look-and-feel of the company with a logo and color scheme overhaul. With the new logo and business system in place, we marched forward in the design and production of two functional sales pieces: a comprehensive portfolio brochure and website to support and detail the large range of products. A specific color scheme for each specialization, including custom-built homes, master planned communities, and commercial properties, was established to emphasize and differentiate this range.
With the new look and feel, Mahar Homes launched their new neighborhood subdivision with renewed confidence, professional materials and continued success.
Blue Ribbon Builders
Blue Ribbon Builders was in need of a few sales tool that would reinforce the depth and breath of this custom mountain home builder.
Blue Ribbon currently had a website and identity that was already established, but they needed a printed brochure/portfolio to be able to mailed or left behind with potential clients as well as print advertising. We created a new look and feel that elevated their existing brand and focused on the vast scope of mountain custom homes they had created. The goal was to inspire clients with quotes, testimonials and photos of completed projects.
Blue Ribbon is still booming even in this down economy. The advertising is still pulling in potential clients from all over the nation.