Longview Estates
Our task was simple, to create cost effective marketing materials to help sell a small, high-end development in Gallatin Gateway.
Based on the name and location of Longview Estates, we decided to position this development for its unique views and individual lot amenities. Each lot offered something special. So we focused exclusively on those items and created a series of sell sheets for each lot. They were then housed in a custom folder so they could be easily updated and changed.
This project began just as the economy started to change. The project was tabled just after marketing materials were complete. Stay tuned.
Graystone on the Green is a new project just launching in Steamboat Springs. The project originally was going to launch as a master planned community by developer/builder Jerry Stanford. Since its inception, a few things are being changed but the original plan is still intact. WD's task was to bring this development to life.
We began by conducting a market analysis and project feasibility study on the project. Upon our finding we created recommendations to strategically position Graystone on the Green differently from the vast amount of single custom home competition in the area. We began by focusing on the unique amenities and visions of the developer. We also positioned the property for what it truly is, that being a community for people who want to live where they play. We created marketing materials that stressed these points. We wanted people to be able to envision their home before anything had ever been built. It is often a challenge to sell the invisible, but with a little innovative thinking, that is just what we are attempting to do.
The project is still under development, so stay tuned for results.
Alder Creek
To create a branding/identity/marketing package for a master planned neighborhood development. The development is conveniently located between two schools and borders trails, parks and other greenways, which shaped the target audience of families with school-aged children.
With open space and proximity to community parks and schools as a key selling point for this development, we tied trees, greenery and detailed maps as the common thread throughout all materials. We developed a brochure, maps, direct mail pieces and print advertising which downplayed the use of photography and instead focused on technical location drawings, community renderings and nearness of parks and streams with a natural color palette.
The development was sold in five phases, and each phase sold out within months of final plat.
Redtail, Pebble Brook, Whispering Pines
To individually brand each in a series of three condominium developments through logo and identity systems and simple marketing brochures. Though the overall developments were fairly similar, each project was to stand on it's own and not be associated with the larger family of condominium communities.
We shaped distinct logo and identity systems for each development by bringing natural and historical elements of each site into each name. Then we brought each development to life by building focused, clean collateral design that could cost-effectively function as both a stand alone marketing kit and as a final sales package.
Each development sold out in an average of four months prior to obtaining final plat.
Price Hills
To re-work a pre-existing brand that had never been launched. Our job was to speak more directly to the audience Price Hills was trying to go after and convey a brand that visually in line with the developers mission.
We began by reworking the existing marketing materials and recreating a website, that was user friendly, visually stimulating and updateable. We created a series of ads, signs and entrance additions, to draw traffic and generate a community buzz To gain traction in a very slow market, PR and community involvement were pushed to help gain awareness and gain momentum in lot sales.
We are still in the process of launching this subdivision. It is scheduled to get final plat in October and we will update you then on their progress.
To create a brand for a new residential subdivision. This new subdivision was the answer people looking for, a place to call home, offereing large lots at a low cost.
We began by focusing on the unique area location and the close proximity to already amazing area location amenities. We developed a cohesive identity, sales kit and signage to convey the vision of a cost effective lot alternative in an area that is known for its high priced and small lots.
Final plat is about to close and pre-sale lots are just coming on line. Stay tuned for the results.
Ryen Glenn
To re-design a flawed sales kit and signage package for a family-oriented development that focused on three main selling points: proximity to recreation, scenery, and a strong tie to family.
We began this quick-turnaround piece by first finding a layout that worked for all aspects of the sales process?a story-telling, brochure-like section up front with an integrated folder on the last spread for other detailed sell sheets. Next we collected colorful imagery and created a few illustrations of our own which focused on the main selling points. Then we supported the piece with the right amount of copy to highlight, not drown the layout.
New sales kit just launched—updates on sales progress to come.