Green, it's here to stay

Green, it's here to stay

Wed, 4 March, 2009
Posted by wendy renner

I know everything these days are green, but are they really. After just completing the NAHB's Green Building Certification course, I'm here to tell you, most of you are already pretty close to building green. Sure there might be more you can do, recycle, used sustainable products, be more energy efficient, build a smaller footprint (now that is a novel idea), but over all, it really isn't rocket science and currently it might be one of the best ways to actually differentiate yourself in the VERY competitive marketplace.

Just a few short years ago, being energy efficient was not on consumers top 10 lists of must haves, but today, it has rapidly climbed to the top third. According to NAHB, "Since 1998, when NAHB members gathered to begin planning the first-ever National Green Building Conference, home builders have moved green building practices from the niche market into the mainstream. A recent NAHB McGraw Hill Construction survey anticipates that between 12 percent and 20 percent of new homes will be green by 2012." It just might be time to get on board.

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