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Fifth Season
To name, brand, and help launch a high-end property management and concierge service as a separate company for the high-end builder, SBC. The new company needed a fresh identity package to set itself apart and above the competition.
We began by coining a snappy name for the new company—one which didn't spell out its services in the name, giving them room to grow and changes as needed. Next came a clean logo and business system for use in the soft launch to SBC's past clients list. A corresponding website was also designed for use as an informational center with and extensive backend database to also function as a client interface for owners. A new brochure and sales piece is slated next, though at the time of this writing, has not been developed.
Fifth Season stepped out with a solid, professional and cohesive identity, and several clients have signed on to date. More sales updates to come as company progresses.
BigCountry Landscapes
Our task was to create a brand for Big Country Landscapes.
Being a new start up company, Big Country was in need of marketing materials that showcased their amazing work. We began by creating a logo and identity. Then we developed a printed and online portfolio, to show the vast amount of capabilities Big Country Landscape brought to the table. We created an odd size brochure that was to be used in mailings and initial client meetings to show clients the large amount of offerings and testimonials to inspire clients to act. A website was also created so potential clients could get a more in-depth look into the company as a whole as well as view full case studies and whole projects photos.
A week after the website launch in March, Big Country referred a new client, who had called from the phone book, to look at their work on their new site. Within five minutes, the client called back and asked how soon they could start. Stay tuned for more results.
Frontier Masonry
Beginning as just Frontier Masonry, the company needed functional sales pieces to display its well-rounded portfolio of masonry projects while speaking to the staff's professionalism, knowledgeablity, and customer service-oriented culture. As time marched on we were handed the task of branding and building collateral for a new stone quarry business unit, Frontier Stone.
We started by bolstering the already established company logo with a new business system to provide consistency through the business process. Next we designed a comprehensive brochure which highlighted it's best stone projects while speaking to high-touch, customer-driven approach the company uses to create each custom project. With the addition on Frontier Stone came another logo and identity system, sales brochure and website, all designed to highlight the natural beauty quarried stone can bring to any building project.
Frontier Masonry thrives with this new breath-of-fresh-air solution to its brand identity. The launch of Frontier Stone proved to be a smashing success, with several types of stone selling out completely.
Rocky Mountain Furniture
Local furniture designer and manufacturer, previously only designing for a retail distribution, decided to launch own furniture lines with in-house production and showroom. The company needed a new look-and-feel for its refreshing new start, including logo, well-branded furniture lines, advertising campaign and website.
We established a new identity for the Company by designing a new logo with a rustic, refined and natural look-and-feel. Each furniture line was also named, branded and included in a product catalog, while top-of-mind awareness of the Company's new showroom was established through a clean and classy advertising campaign. A new website was designed and launched, showcasing the new furniture lines and incorporating an online catalog.
Rocky Mountain Furniture successfully launched it's first showroom/store location and has seen overall increased sales through the addition of the online catalog and in-store channels.
Total Energy Systems, an interior and exterior wall finishing system distributor for a major building market, needed a new company name that better matched product/services offered. With the new name, TEXTERIORS needed a new identity system, sales materials, website and advertising campaign to successfully launch it's new brand.
The re-naming process laid the groundwork for the new creative direction, playing off the interior and exterior uses of wall texturizing products for TEXERIORS. A fitting and cohesive brand identity and collateral/sales kit grew from the name, using the same interior/exterior concept throughout. A website and direct mail campaign followed to inform architects, builders, and other potential and existing clients of the name change.
TEXTERIORS successfully launched its new name and brand identity, continues to see increased sales and operates with a renewed, professional attitude.
Our task was to create a new brand for a start up company who was committed to achieving natural resources objective through applied research and adaptive management.
With green being the new and hot topic of the moment, we were careful to strategically position Ecologic as a company that was not purely focused on sustainability. We created a brand that was credible, clean and consistent. To help tell their story, we established a website that can be easily updated and maintained by the client.
The company just launched in February of 2008, but is steadily gaining clients and adapting environments.